Our Story


Dan Sullivan and his partner, Lynn Sullivan, together with their brother in law, Cam Reston, purchased the 150 acre farm on Greer Road in 2000. The site was selected due to its proximity to Lake Ontario and remarkable Hillier clay soil scattered with numerous rock and shale fragments on a limestone base.  Planting of the vineyard began in 2001 on the North Block with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  There are 25 acres of estate vineyards planted which now include Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and other vinifera.

Operations were established to accommodate the needs of an efficient and utilitarian grape growing farm, and subsequently, a modest barn was constructed in 2002 to house winemaking operations including grape processing, wine production and barrel storage.  Rosehall Run opened its Tasting Bar in a charming second-floor section of the barn overlooking the vineyard in 2006 with the 2004 Vintages on the shelf.

In 2007, a focus on state-of-the-art winemaking led to the design and construction of a 7,200 sq ft winery facility and barrel cellar blasted deep into the limestone foundation.  Finally, in 2011, a modern Tasting Room was created on the first floor of the original Barn, offering visitors a warm and inviting space to sample Rosehall Run's critically acclaimed wines.

Rosehall Run winemaker Dan Sullivan guides you through a typical day of Harvest


Sustainable Winemaking

At Rosehall Run, we are committed to crafting wines using minimal intervention.

Winemaker Dan Sullivan demonstrates a personal, hands-on approach to winemaking that begins in the Vineyard. He works proactively, practicing sustainable farming through the use of integrated pest management (IPM) and early identification and prevention of potential pests and diseases. This way he is able to mitigate excessive spraying or the use of chemicals in the vineyard. We also manage our plants with regular leaf pulling, shoot positioning and cluster thinning to help manage disease pressure.

Prince Edward Country Wine Region

Officially identified in 2007 as a VQA appellation of origin, Prince Edward County is separated from the mainland by the Bay of Quinte at Belleville and is completely surrounded by the waters of Lake Ontario. The soils and microclimates of the County coupled with the all-pervading limestone base provide an ideal growing environment for cool-climate grapes such as pinot noir and chardonnay.  This idyllic island setting is now home to over 40 wineries, craft breweries, fine restaurants, cheese producers, farmers' markets and other local food purveyors dotted along the natural beauty of the County trails and beaches.


To learn more, please visit www.thecountywines.com.